Monday, January 09, 2012

...we read each day about the horrors of drug abuse, the murder of policemen, the involvement of our own government in drug running, and so on.  We are all aware that organized crime has never been richer, nor the society more demoralized.  What is the solution?  I would repeal every prohibition against the sale and use of drugs, because it is these prohibitions that have caused the national corruption, not to mention most of the addiction.  Since the American memory has a span of about three days, I will remind you that in 1919 alcohol was prohibited in the United States.  In 1933 Prohibition was repealed because not only had organized crime expanded enormously, but so had alcoholism.  What did not work then does not work now.  But we never learn, which is part of our national charm.  Repeal would mean that there is no money for anyone in selling drugs.  That's the end of the playground pusher.  That's the end of organized crime, which has already diversified and is doing very nicely in banking, films, and dry cleaning.  Eventually, repeal will mean the end of mass drug addiction.  As there will always be alcoholics, there will always be drug addicts, but not to today's extent.  It will be safe to walk the streets because the poor will not rob you to pay for their habit.

Gore Vidal, 1988

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