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Can't get the celluloid out of my blood.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"What does Hippoclides care?"
 by Herodotus:
Afterwards, in the generation which followed, Clisthenes, king of Sicyon, raised the family to still greater eminence among the Greeks than even that to which it had attained before. For this Clisthenes, who was the son of Aristonymus, the grandson of Myron, and the great-grandson of Andreas, had a daughter, called Agarista, whom he wished to marry to the best husband that he could find in the whole of Greece. At the Olympic games, therefore, having gained the prize in the chariot-race, he caused public proclamation to be made to the following effect: “Whoever among the Greeks deems himself worthy to become the son-in-law of Clisthenes, let him come, sixty days hence to Sicyon; for within a year’s time, counting from the end of the sixty days, Clisthenes will decide on the man to whom he shall contract his daughter.” So all the Greeks who were proud of their own merit or of their country flocked to Sicyon as suitors; and Clisthenes had a foot-course and a wrestling-ground made ready, to try their powers.

[Here follows a list of the 13 suitors who showed up from all over Greece, Italy, and Thessaly.]

Now when they were all come, and the day appointed had arrived, Clisthenes first of all inquired of each concerning his country and his family; after which he kept them with him a year, and made trial of their manly bearing, their temper, their accomplishments, and their disposition, sometimes drawing them apart for converse, sometimes bringing them all together. Such as were still youths he took with him from time to time to the gymnasia; but the greatest trial of all was at the banquet-table. During the whole period of their stay he lived with them as I have said and further, from the first to last he entertained them sumptuously. Somehow or other the two suitors who came from Athens pleased him the best of all; and of these Hippoclides, Tisander’s son, was specially in favour, partly on account of his manly bearing, and partly also because his ancestors were of kin to the Corinthian Cypselids.

When at length the day arrived which had been fixed for the espousals, and Clisthenes had to speak out and declare his choice, he first of all made a sacrifice of a hundred oxen, and held a banquet, whereat he entertained all the suitors and the whole people of Sicyon. After the feast was ended, the suitors vied with each other in music and in speaking on a given subject. Presently, as the drinking advanced, Hippoclides, who quite dumbfoundered the rest, called aloud to the flute-player, and bade him strike up a dance; which the man did, and Hippoclides danced to it. And he fancied that he was dancing excellently well; but Clisthenes, who was observing him, began to misdoubt the whole business. Then Hippoclides, after a pause, told an attendant to bring in a table; and when it was brought, he mounted upon it and danced first of all some Laconian figures, then some Attic ones; after which he stood on his head upon the table and began to toss his legs about. Clisthenes, notwithstanding that he now loathed Hippoclides for a son-in-law, by reason of his dancing and his shamelessness, still, as he wished to avoid an outbreak, had restrained himself during the first and likewise during the second dance; when, however, he saw him tossing his legs in the air, he could no longer contain himself, but cried out, “Son of Tisander, thou hast danced thy wife away!” “What does Hippoclides care?” was the other’s answer. And hence the proverb arose.

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I can live without being one with the Tiger.

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Kitchen Island under construction, before siding, doors, and drawer fronts.

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The Princess Drive In, Las Cruces, NM
"Famous For Tacos"

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Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more.

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The birth of a long and beautiful friendship.
Citizen's Ah-RAY-est.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bohicket Marina, Bohicket Creek
S-U-V  vs. O-A-K

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So long....It's been good to know you......
If you get a chance:  Sing.

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                GEMMA HALID, of Moscow

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Creek and Sky.

The Frogs had a terrible band and could never get a decent gig.

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Just because the monkey's off your back doesn't mean the circus has left town.

---George Carlin

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Nyman Furr, The Tennessee Fiddler,  and the Little Juice Band.  Ft. Walton, '82.
Landis Rich, Mo-Jo Jackol-sahn, Wolf Manz, Sturgeone, Nyman

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