Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pardner: Where I come from, Mr. Rumson, we're cautious of strangers who talk in an easy manner. Rumson: Oh. You've got me down as some kind of low scuff from New Orleans, hm? Sell you patent medicine with one hand, pinch your purse with the other? Pardner: Matter of fact, that's kind of what I was thinkin'. Rumson: As a matter of fact, Pardner, you're right. But I ain't yet sunk to horse stealin'. Oh, I've salted claims, yeah. And I've sold whiskey to Injuns. And once a man in Walla Walla come at me with a gun and I killed him. I can't think of one commandment I ain't shattered regular. I never did fancy my mother and father, let alone respect 'em or honor 'em. And I have coveted my neighbor's wife - whenever I had a neighbor and he had a wife, mm, mmm! And I gamble and I cheat at cards, but there's one thing I do not do. I ain't never gulled a pardner. The one sacred thing, even to low scuff like me, is a man's pardner. This is really wrecking my day that I can't post photographs.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

When push comes to shove, who's it gonna or the lobster?

Monday, February 02, 2015

I was bored yesterday so I went and stared long into the abyss. I hid behind a rock, though, so the abyss couldn't see me. Stupid abyss.