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i figured out how to change your picture, and put up the don stanley wadmalaw. don't know how to put up big pictures, if possible yet...

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I'm gonna be adding on to this eventually, maybe if I get time; it's what's happening! I may try to post this, but it's pretty dry shit!

Personal Synopsis of Dr. Ravi Batra's description of "Demand versus Supply-Side Bubbles".
from The New Golden Age, pg. 17;

Bubbles are formed in two ways;
1. Demand side bubble; Asset prices rise when demand continually outpaces supply;
* This usually stems from buyer's obsession with the asset(s) in question.
* can arise from concerted efforts of buyer's who expect further jumps in asset prices.
* examples include share-price bubbles of the 1920's and the bubble of the '90's, (which Batra claims to have started as early as 1982).

These share market balloons of the '20's were demand-side bubbles because demand for the stocks continually outran their supply. Opinion; It is fairly safe to assume that most bubbles arise from buyer's frenzied actions rather than seller's monoploistic control.

1. Supply side bubble; Asset supply recurrently falls short of demand.
* usually springs from market concentration or producer's manipulation.
* example would be oil price bubble of the '70's and early '80's. (Inflated fast without help of irrational buyers).

In the case of the demand-side bubble;

* high prices can be sustained only if demand stays ahead of supply,

whereas in the case of the supply-side bubble;

* prices can only be sustained if supply continues to lag behind demand.

more to come...

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